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Conservatories are a perfect addition to the home and allow you room to step away from normal life to take in the natural setting around you. However, the last thing you want is to be interrupted by your neighbour staring over the fence to see what you are doing, or to be uncomfortable due to the heat shining through the glass – this is where we come in!

We have a range of products that are ideal for both practical and aesthetic enhancements to your conservatory. Whether you want to add extra security to your home or would like the ability to control the impact of the summer sun, we can help. Our conservatory blinds are made to measure and are fitted by our expert technicians, ensuring that you receive the end result you are looking for!

Installing Solar Film

As well as our range of bespoke conservatory blinds, we also supply and install solar film which acts as a UV control, reducing the amount of rays, heat, and glare that enter your conservatory. Solar film is designed so it does not impact on the look of your conservatory, acting to only increase comfort and control temperatures. With our expertise in the industry and our high quality products, we have grown an outstanding reputation as a company that you can trust.

Made to measure

Fitted by our expert technicians

Available in a range of styles

Control heat and sun light

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